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Analog Photographer

Hi, I'm Eva

I like coding, analog photography and good books
...and food
...oh and travelling
I mean who doesn't, right?
ok done.

What did I do the last few years?


I've studied computer science for three years at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen in central Germany. 

I've got my Bachelor of Science degree in 2012. While studying, I've also worked at a company called STRICTmobile, where I started working full-time after Uni.


While working full-time I've attended workshops in Jena, Germany. I can call myself a certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer (formerly Demandware).

I'm very experienced with the SFCC architecture and just to name a few: I've done a Click-and-Collect Integration as well as a Parcelshop finder Integration for UPS and DHL into a multi-country ecommerce site.


After working full-time for more than four years I've decided to quit my job and go travelling for 6 months.

I've got myself a one-way ticket to India and I'm very excited to see what will happen.

Even though I don't have a return ticket yet I'm planning to be back in Berlin in August 2018AND I'll be looking for a new job then. I will also be available to work on projects as a Freelancer.


1. I'm 27 years young
2. I've got my Bachelor of Science in 2012
3. I've got more than 4 years of work experience
4. I don't like to touch any CSS (SASS, LESS) anymore
5. I'm looking for a new job in Berlin from March '18 on